exploring architecture and landscape through photographs


Fine art photographer Kate Mellor’s blog Sehbild – how you see, imagine or remember an idea, an image in the mind.

The work exhibited in this blog represents a journey made through photography, a venture into a landscape affected and created by contemporary architecture. Much of the work was made as part of my doctoral research into photographic representation and the image of architecture at the University of Ulster.  It is not chronological, starting nearer the end than the beginning, and travelling backward in time.

The pinhole photographs are from a series titled “Topographies of the Image” which explores territory between the vision and the everyday, between image and material, international and local. The use of the pinhole camera is intended to historicize an era of architecture and design-led redevelopment which was halted by the credit crunch of 2007/8.  Perhaps it is both too early and too late to represent this architecture but the image that these buildings project is a powerful one and it is in our landscape. The story of its embedding in that landscape has yet to be written and it is one which never ends.  I wanted to represent the landscape during its moment of uncertainty, one that succeeds the triumphal moment of architectural realisation and that questions the ground between the spectacle and the everyday.  The photographs aim to discuss the image of architecture and to locate it within a history of, and effects of, its photographic representation.

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