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Stadttor – “ein Highlight der modernen Architektur in Düsseldorf”

Stadttor, Düsseldorf

Stadttor is a combined use building designed by the architects Overdiek Petzinka and Ptnrs, near the Gehry building in Medienhafen. It was completed in 1997. This era of architectural highlights encouraged a game between visibility and invisibility, where buildings seemed poised in a liminal space between image and materiality.  The surfaces are slippery, at once transparent and reflective.  The facade appears as illusion, a trompe l’oeil, a haunting, and this brings to mind Rheinhold Martin’s book “Utopia’s Ghost.”  You can see him talk about postmodern architecture and its relationship to the “vexed figure of historical redemption” here.
The  building houses offices which serve the Ministry of North Rhine-Westfalia and management consultation companies. The cafes and shops in the atrium are accessible to everyone but as it was Easter Sunday, the businesses were closed.  The parkland outside attracted people.  It was a family day. It was mainly sunny but even in the rain families posed for photographs, Stadttor in the background. A group played catch with boiled eggs around the topiary. If someone missed a catch the eggs would smash on the grass.

After, we went to eat at Curry. Curry is a fast food joint opposite the restaurant Gehry’s but a much greater culinary distance exists between the two.  Curry appeared to have three or four mains – Wurst with tomato ketchup, Wurst with curry sauce and Wurst with something else that I forget. Curry doesn’t really get curry. The curry sauce is tomato ketchup with curry powder scattered on the top and therefore something of a disappointment to a regular to Bradford’s curry houses. Having said that, the Wurst is second to none and it is worth walking past Gehry’s and heading across the road.

I was asked if the photograph above was superimposed. It is, rather,a single exposure pinhole on 5 x 4 sheet film. The negative has been scanned but no intervention has been made with Photoshop except to remove a fragment of broken egg.

Photograph by Charlie Meecham